Cunda Restoranları denilince Cunda Adası’ndaki “Cunda Uno” restoranı, pizza ve hamburger çeşitleri ile ünlü bir restoran olarak biliniyor. Restoranın menüsünde ayrıca İtalyan mutfağından çeşitli yemekler de bulunuyor. Ayrıca, restoranın deniz manzaralı güzel bir konuma sahip olduğu söyleniyor. Eğer Ayvalık/Cunda’da bulunuyorsanız ve pizza veya hamburger yemek isterseniz “Cunda Uno” restoranı bir seçenek olabilir.


We have two bed rooms on third and fourth floors, you can feeling homey and cozy with large window full of natural lights and winds, balcony with some of small tree such as lime tree, jasmine tree or chilies tree… You can feel as your home because you can use the kitchen, working space have full of facilities, gym room, living room, dining room, laundry room…

If you’re wondering what staying in the Old Quarter would be like then this is the apartment for you. Nestled within the Old Quarter on Hang Dao Street, it can’t get any more better than this. It is an old school Old Quarter apartment with all the ameninites of a fully serviced modern apartment.

As a guest put it when trying to find my apartment: “It was just a little tricky because I was tired and it was dark, but that was part of the adventure I wanted by staying in the Old Quarter!”